Should Ukraine Rewrite History and Reacquire Nuclear Weapons? No and no.

WASHINGTON - In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, NTI consultant Steve Andreasen argues that Ukraine made the right decision twenty years ago when it signed the Budapest Memorandum and agreed to give up its nuclear arsenal. Despite the current security crisis with Russia, it would be wrong for Ukrainians today to support the reaquisition of weapons. (December 10, 2014)  

Global Leaders Support Humanitarian Impact Conference


VIENNA - In a letter to Austrian Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz, more than 120 current and former political, military and diplomatic leaders express support for the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, call on governments to state that any use of a nuclear weapon would have catastrophic human consequences, and lay out a four-point agenda for action. Signatories include a former president, six former prime ministers, a former NATO Secretary-General and 36 former Foreign or Defense ministers. (December 5, 2014)

Global Nuclear Policy Leadership Networks Meet in Buenos Aires

 BA group

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Members of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network, the  European Leadership Network, the Latin American Leadership Network and the North American Nuclear Security Leadership Council, as well as leaders of the Nuclear Security Project, gather in Buenos Aires on Nov. 20-21 for a second meeting to develop cooperative ways to address today's pressing nuclear security concerns, engage policy makers and raise public awareness. (November 17, 2014)

We Must be a Global Model for Collaboration on Nuclear Security


Washington, D.C. - In an op-ed for The New York Times' Room for Debate series, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) President Joan Rohlfing argues that despite tensions over Ukraine, the U.S. and Russia must continue to cooperate on important nuclear security programs. "The world's ability to prevent or defend against today's nuclear threats is simply not possible without cooperation from Russia," Rohlfing writes, noting that cooperation has worked during times of high tension in the past. (November 14, 2014) 

Japan Should be a Good Example of Nuclear Nonproliferation


Tokyo, Japan - In a new op-ed in the Kyodo News, APLN member Yoriko Kawaguchi and Morton Halperin, co-chairs of the Monterey Eminent Persons Group on the Security Implications of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, call on leaders in Tokyo and Washington to focus on how to incentivize new nuclear nations to rely on the international market for fuel cycle needs instead of developing new enrichment or reprocessing programs. The recommendation is in a new report: "Security Implications of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle." (October 28, 2014) 

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