What the West Can and Should do for Ukraine


London - In a new opinion piece on how to create long-term security in Ukraine, European Leadership Network (ELN) Director Ian Kearns, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Consultant Steve Andreasen and  former UK Defence Secretary Des Browne, now chair of the ELN and vice chairman of NTI, argue that "what is needed now is a much broader effort to address Ukraine's short term economic crisis, support its political and economic reform, tackle corruption, and reform its police and judiciary." (February 18, 2015) 

NATO Spearhead Needs a Shield on the Eastern Flank


Warsaw, Poland - In a new paper on implementation of the commitments made in the NATO Wales Summit Declaration, Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) senior research fellow Wojciech Lorenz argues that a "shield" of credible deterrence and permanent training facilities should complement the Alliance's rapid-response cababilities. NATO has enhanced its eastern flank defences with additional troop rotations, but additional strategic moves would strengthen mid- to long-term defences in the region, Lorenz writes. (February 9, 2015)  

Securing the Euro-Atlantic Community


WASHINGTON - In a new op-ed for Project Syndicate released before the 51st Munich Security Conference, Des Browne, Igor Ivanov and Sam Nunn call for "bold action" to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and prevent Europe from being split for another generation. The op-ed builds on the 2013 Building Mutual Security Report, in which the authors warned that a new Euro-Atlantic military and political strategy was needed to prevent conflict and combat mutual distrust. (February 3, 2015) 

Nuclear Weapons and International Security


CANBERRA, Australia - In a new book of collected essays on the challenges posed by nuclear weapons, APLN's Ramesh Thakur addresses the impact of nuclear weapons on broad security strategy; regional nuclear challenges from the South Pacific to East, South and West Asia; regional nuclear-weapon-free zones; NPT anomalies; and the global governance architecture for nuclear materials security in light of the Nuclear Security Summits of 2010, 2012 and 2014. (January 30, 2015)

Should Ukraine Rewrite History and Reacquire Nuclear Weapons? No and no.

WASHINGTON - In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, NTI consultant Steve Andreasen argues that Ukraine made the right decision twenty years ago when it signed the Budapest Memorandum and agreed to give up its nuclear arsenal. Despite the current security crisis with Russia, it would be wrong for Ukrainians today to support the reaquisition of weapons. (December 10, 2014)  

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